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About the BHA

About the Board of Commissioners

Local Housing Authorities are run by a Board of Commissioners made up of involved, committed residents of the municipality in which they are located.

In addition to planning, advocacy and determining the needs of the low income population, the board has the responsibility for placing the agency’s operations in the context of policy.

All of the laws, regulations and local requirements which impact the operations, residents and staff of a local housing authority are placed within the framework of policy by its Board of Commissioners.

Membership on the Bourne Housing Authority Board of Commissioners is determined by state law.

The Board consists of five (5) members, four of whom are elected through the normal town electoral process. The fifth member is appointed by the Governor.

Bourne Housing Authority Board meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month at 871 Shore Rd Pocasset, MA 02559 at 8 am. If there is a change in the time or venue, it will be posted on the Town’s website.

The current members on the Board of Commissioners of the Bourne Housing Authority are as follows:


Term Expiration Date

Paula McConnell, Chairperson State Appointee
Thomas Spence, Commissioner May 2026
Frederic Bartholomew, Commissioner May 2025
Kathleen Durant, Commissioner May 2025
Open position, Commissioner

smoke free housingAll Bourne Housing Authority properties are smoke free.
There is no smoking allowed on the premises, including outdoor spaces and parking lots.